Reliable Communication, No Matter Where You Work

The CREW Audio Gateway (AG) powers the ConneX CREW system to connect crews with reliable hands-free communication. The AG is a portable (battery-operated) or line powers Audio Gateway.

CREWs use smartphones (iOS & Android) linked to a central Audio Gateway (AG) to talk and listen to the entire group.

The Gateway

The CREW Audio Gateway (AG) is the heart of the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) ConneX CREW solution designed for portability or fixed use. The AG provides a Wi-Fi access point, a small server and a battery supporting more than 8 hours of continuous use. The AG includes an AC power cord for operating the AG and charging the battery as well as an Ethernet port to allow connection to a local router.


The Application

The free application can be downloaded to the phone from the Google Play or Apple store to the participant’s phone. Those using the application (Users) can be classified as:


Sets up the AG including SSID naming and passwords. There can only be one Administrator per AG device. Admins may or may not participate in Group calls


Each Group call requires at least one Leader. Leaders can create and name Groups (up to 2 per AG) and add other Leaders and Participants. All Users in a Group can be Leaders


Single login required, thereafter simply select the Group being joined. Participants are assigned to Groups by Leaders or the Administrator. Able to join group calls in compliance with the number of active Users purchased (5 active Users or 10 active Users)

Made With Your Industry In Mind

ConneX Communication Systems are expertly engineered to benefit every job on the project.


Aviation Mechanics

Public Works


Towing & Recovery



License Subscription

Customize your subscription based on the number of Users you want for your group communication. License subscriptions are available for 5 or 10 active Users for a period of 12 months.

This flexible group communication system allows you to:

  • Create multiple groups up to 5 or 10 active Users, per license terms
  • Register an unlimited number of authorized Users
  • Assign roles for each User as Participant, Leader or Administrator

Getting Started with CREW

Our Quick Start Guide provides step-by-step instructions to get you going with your new Audio Gateway, 12-month license for 10 users, and ConneX CREW app.

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