The All-In-One Comms Tool for Tree Care

ConneX CREW is your answer to connect your entire landscaping and tree care team. Learn how our innovative CREW Gateway lets you collaborate and share information at a worksite in real-time.


Full duplex communications in mission-critical applications for up to 10 people


Hear each other in real-time with reliable and secure audio transmission with zero latency

2-Acre Range

Connect your entire team with reliable communication in a 200′ (approx. 2 acres) radius of the Audio Gateway

No Internet? No Problem!

Stay Connected – Even in Deadzones

ConneX CREW Gateway is a cutting-edge communication system that allows work teams to stay connected, even in areas without internet access. This system uses a wireless network that operates on a dedicated frequency band, which ensures reliable and secure communication.

This system is ideal for the arboriculture industry, where clear and effective communication is essential for safety and productivity. With the David Clark ConneX CREW System, workers can communicate effectively, even in remote locations with limited internet connectivity.

The Gateway

The CREW Audio Gateway (AG) is the heart of the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) ConneX CREW solution designed for portability or fixed use. The AG provides a Wi-Fi access point, a small server and a battery supporting more than 8 hours of continuous use. The AG includes an AC power cord for operating the AG and charging the battery as well as an Ethernet port to allow connection to a local router.


Choose How You Talk

Choose a role as Participant, Leader, or Administrator – each with different permission levels. Users can select individual settings pertaining to audio modes, alerts, and direct call options.


This default-mode allows a User to talk and listen hands-free.

VoX (Voice operated Exchange)

Adaptive VoX analyzes the environmental noise in real time and selectively unmutes audio transmit only when the presence of voice is detected, keeping unwanted background noise to a minimum during a group call.

Push-to-Talk (PTT)

This mode allows Users to primarily listen to the group audio. The User pushes and holds the PTT button on the mobile app screen to speak to the group. When the “User” releases the button, the User returns to listen-only function.

Audio Source

Supports phone speaker and speakerphone modes, wired headsets, and Bluetooth devices. Noise attenuating David Clark headsets are available in wired and wireless configurations (sold separately).


Users may mute or unmute themselves on the group call screen when in Full-Duplex or VoX mode.


Users may message another User directly or the entire group. Message recipients will see messages only when connected to the AG through the app.

Keep Your Tree Care Team Connected

Hands-free talk & listen for groups up to 10 people